Protecting our coastline

The Beach House team are committed to protecting the beautiful coastline and as such have made several changes to our accommodation and processes. We were the first Bed & Breakfast in Weymouth to sign up to Dorset’s Plastic Free campaign and as such have almost eradicated single use plastics from our operations.

You can view the changes we have made to date below.

Milk: No longer will you find individually packed small milk pots in our rooms. We now provide fresh milk daily to rooms in a reusable flask and recycle our milk bottles.

Toiletries: You can be sure that our toiletries are less harmful to the environment. All toiletries are provided in refillable bottles and are BPA free.

Bin liners: By scrapping plastic bin liners in our rooms and washing bins instead, we’ve proudly saved 60 bags per room per year from entering landfill.

Reducing our energy consumption and waste

In addition to our reduction of single use plastics, we also take the following measures to ensure the protection of the world we live in by reducing our energy consumption and waste.

Recycling: We ensure that all recyclable items are sorted from our general waste, rinsed and placed into the correct recycling bins. 

Food waste: We reduce our food packaging waste by sourcing food (where possible) from local suppliers and using reusable containers to transport it in. We also prepare all food to order, thus reducing the amount of food waste we produce.

Towels: Our towels are replaced every three days in line with current hospitality guidelines. We will accommodate requests for fresh towels sooner and guests can book this with us directly. However, a £5 charge will be added that is fully donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

Energy consumption: We switch off all sockets in rooms that are not in use to reduce our energy consumption. Radiators are kept on low heat settings, and adjustable for guests to select a temperature that suits. Radiators in rooms 1 and 4 are kept off whilst the rooms are empty and must not be left on overnight.  Guests are encouraged to switch electrical devices off rather than on standby, and are kindly asked to never leave charging electricals on beds as this poses a risk of fire. Light switches are turned off in vacant rooms and guests are again encouraged to turn off the lights when they leave their room. This is especially important in the en-suites as the light switch also operates the extractor fan. 

Kettles: We provide mini kettles with a water level indicator in most of our rooms and ask guests to only fill to their needs.